Episode 2

Dr. Asha De Vos


Power, like atomic energy, is value neutral. It can be used for good or bad. Everything depends on how you use it.

Power means having an effect.

Power means you have the capacity to hire and fire, promote or demote, praise or shame, empower or manipulate. The Dictator or autocrat?

…And now your staff will love you or hate you for another reason! YOU’RE POWER LIST on the BIG BOSS SHOW. Only on Legends966.

Big Boss Show is a one of a kind concept; where we invite special guests to play their favorite songs, express their feelings with music and bring their views to the ear of the listener.

To be a part of this project and host your own Radio Show on Legends 96.6;

Take a break from being the boss in the office and take charge of our music for a magical hour! Share your musical influences, insights and have a load of fun creating and hosting your own unique show!

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