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Monday to Friday 7:00 am 10:00 am

Come and join ‘The Morning Show with Graham & CJ’ on Legends 96.6 and start your mornings with the right blend of music & entertainment. ‘The Morning Buzz’ has got a new look with Graham & CJ to give you the best in music & conversation for 3 hours from 7am to 10am every weekday.

CJ brings in the book smarts while Graham brings his street smart flavor to the show. Together they look at the latest in current local & global events with their own brand of humor, sincerity and good timing. Daily updates on weather & sports are a staple of the show with traffic updates to help the listeners traveling on the road. Plus, learn something new every day about fascinating events & facts as Graham & CJ look for new things every day.

Come and be a part of the most energetic morning show with “The Morning Buzz with Graham & CJ” on weekdays from 7am to 10am.

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