The Prettiest Lights in Colombo this season

Written by on December 17, 2019

The Prettiest Lights in Colombo this season

It’s that time of the year.  Christmas cake baking, carol’s playing on your favourite radio station and decorations all over the house.

Christmas is usually one of those times where we spend exorbitantly for various types of entertainment… Trips to the mall, shopping for the kids, and road trips.

As a mum myself I have come to find that spending time with my daughter is usually the best form of entertainment and this time is no different. And in our family we have a tradition of driving around Colombo looking for the prettiest lights… Luckily for me this time, I’m working at the heart of Colombo at Echelon square, so the commute back in the nights has been invaluable, in terms of cataloguing where I can go with Nyla.

Colombo has really outdone itself in terms of lighting up the city and all the major hotels have contributed greatly to this magical season.

Be sure to slow down near Crescat Boulevard as the blue lights are mesmerising, the entrance is stuff of fairytale, as the cascading lights which emulate rain lead you to a wonderful array of lit up trees and fountain like structures all lit using the same colour. I must say it’s absolutely breathtaking.

Driving in from Galle face my usual MO is to face the sea side in anticipation of the waves… The families on the green, and the hustle and bustle of the street vendors, but this time the Taj Samudra hotel had my full attention… Shooting Stars strategically placed on the building with two wonderfully bright christmas trees atop the roof , and twinkling lights wrapped around any and all trees in sight makes one feel they have stepped into a land of pixies and fairy dust.

Arpico Hyde park has always been a must see… And this year is no different… With the massively lit up christmas tree, and every surface of their buildings twinkling blue.. it’s a sight to behold.actually , now that I think on it, all the arpico’s I have passed by this season , have been sparkling in blue fairy lights, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.
Not to mention their amazing deals… Great bank offers, and privilege lifestyle offers, they are sure to put a smile on your face when it comes to your seasonal shopping… The foodie in me is always fascinated by their wide selection of fresh produce and don’t even get me started on the cheese… Grana padano, reggiano permigiano, blue cheese, brie.. and even Camembert, and emmental … it’s a foodie’s heaven.

If you are on your way to liberty plaza , make sure you check out the Christmas tree at Uptown Kandy, perched atop the stairs with the lit up escalator it looks like the entrance to the Land of sweets in the Nutcracker.

Keeping with their latest tradition of recyling , Hilton doesn’t disappoint, last year they used plastic cups and made large orbs and lit up their lawns, but this year, they have truly gone above and beyond, they have lit up their fences using plastic drinking water bottles put together to look like snowflakes, and a few trees intermittently with led lights which creates the illusion of droplets of star dust decending from the heavens.
a MAJOR kudos to whoever came up with the idea, of reusing something that would otherwise end up in the trash, further adding to our garbage issues. I have a feeling someone in their team is a major pinterest feind. And I LIKE IT, and us Earth Lovers approve.

Odel is also one of our must see places every year, and this yeah they have a red and gold theme going, with the trees on their property lit up in what I can only describe as a very intriguing circular pattern , which made the DIY-er in me really ponder how they managed to pull that off….

and a connot miss is the salaka roundabout just before you reach odel, with it’s very intricately done up christmas trees, they light up intermittently in green, white and red… it somehow reminds me of the Candy Canes, and I havent a clue, why… it must be the colour combination 🙂

Cinnamon Red has joined in on the fun with christmas with Baby christmas trees on their walls and red christmas trees and five magnificent reindeer on the canopy above the valet parking area.

Shangri- La too has lit up their walls in streams of yellow lights, but the real eye catchers are the stars that can be seen from the distance just ushering you in towards the Kingsbury with about twenty four pointed stars in varying sizes will lead you like the star of David did the wise men, to bank of Ceylon Mawatha . With a line of christmas trees above the bank of ceylon over look the echelon square.
Where we at legends 96.6 are making our home this season. Directly opposite the twin towers You will find our very own christmas utopia. Christmas trees of vaious dimensions, decorated with lights, and baubles, a reindeer drawn sleigh , an angel trumpeting along side the gift wrapped radio stations, Legends 96.6 and Yes 101 the whole of the echelon Square is looking christmasy with star light along the walkway. And live entertainment happening daily. I would recommend making it your final stop for the night, where you can catch your favourite radio personalities in action, followed by dinner at any one of the delicious eateries right here at the Dutch hospital shopping precinct.

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